How to use Karbolyn®

Use Karbolyn® 45 – 60 minutes before your workout or competition to have maximum muscle fuel available. Karbolyn® will provide sustained energy to your muscles. Karbolyn® is absorbed quicker than dextrose, maltodextrine and fructose, and will keep your energy at the upper level for a long time.
Compared with other sports drinks, it will move quickly through your stomach without leaving any discomfort like bloating, which you will experience often in other sports drinks. Be aware of the muscle pump this product will bring you.

Mix 50 g of Karbolyn® with water and consume during your workout. When you exercise multiple hours you can consume 40 - 50 g per hour depending on your weight and the intensity of your activity. If you take another energy drink based on carbohydrates and you can find dextrose, fructose, or maltodextrine on the ingredient list, it is time to change. Karbolyn® will give you so much more benefits.
When you workout in a gym and you attack large muscle groups like your legs you want to be filled with energy. This is what Karbolyn® will do for you. You can drink during your workout and replenish your energy almost instantly.

The first minutes after your workout are so very important for recuperation and recovery, this is the moment your muscle cells will need extra nutrients for optimal recovery. When you use Karbolyn® just after your workout, your insulin will peak much faster, it will activate anti-catabolic signals and spare muscle protein. Karbolyn® will accelerate the recovery of your muscle. Take 30 – 50 g Karbolyn® and mix this with a BCAA complex or/and a protein source immediately after your workout.

Karbolyn and Shaker