What is ProtaLyn® protein?

This biologically active protein represents the next generation of high end protein powders. Our scientists have worked hard to develop a perfect protein by finding a way to pump more of this muscle-building compound into your body through “Hybrid Peptide” processing. The results of our continued research to develop high quality, great tasting protein is what has lead to the development of ProtaLyn®.

For the last 15 years our scientists have been aware of the benefits that would come from a theoretical protein composition that would better match the needs of the body’s metabolic response. Approximately 3 years ago we achieved this breakthrough. We now call this discovery, “Hybrid Peptide Technology”.

This is a brand new type of protein technology derived from a patent-pending process during the liquid phase before drying. The ‘Hybrid’ is formed from milk and grain protein extracts, and the result is one of the most bio-available proteins ever produced, that we call ProtaLyn®.

ProtaLyn® 1.00 1.10 3.0 96.4 99.0
Beef 0.92 0.94 2.9 80.0 98.0
Casein 1.00 1.00 2.5 88.0 99.0
Eggs 1.00 1.21 3.8 88.0 98.0
Soy Protein Concentrate 1.00 0.99 2.2 74.0 95.0
Whey Protein Concentrate 0.90 1.05 2.9 93.8 96.9

On average, ProtaLyn® outperformed all other proteins tested. So if you are looking for a new protein source, ProtaLyn® is your answer!
Allergen Statement: contains gluten.

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ProtaLyn® is a registered trademark of All American Pharamceutical & Natural Foods Corporation. © Copyright 2016. RM-99 (ProtaLyn®) is a patented (EP2298090) and patents pending product. All rights reserved.

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